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Pensions serve as a significant revenue stream for retired individuals and a means of conserving for the employed. Nevertheless, a significant number of diasporas, including Ghanaians, lack access to sufficient pension plans in their country of origin. This is because they frequently reside in other nations without saving for retirement in their native country but prefer to spend retirement in their home country.


In our quest to secure the future of Ghanaians abroad, Pensions Alliance Trust following Ghana’s National Pensions Law (Act 766) has specifically formulated a voluntary contribution under our tier 3 with diasporas in mind.

The Ghanaian Diasporas Pension Plan is a personal pension scheme designed for Ghanaian diasporas, individuals who have emigrated from Ghana but maintain familial connections back home. Ghanaians residing overseas will receive retirement and financial security through this initiative. The funds can be allocated towards diverse objectives, such as providing financial assistance to family members, planning for an entrepreneurial venture, or financing personal growth initiatives.

Ghanaians Resident Abroad

Valid identity documents- Ghana card, International Passport.

Complete enrollment form.

A multitude of advantages can be derived from Tier 3 contribution for diaspora communities. These include:

  • Portability: The portable nature of Tier 3 pensions enables participants to participate from any location (country). This is crucial for diasporas, given that they frequently relocate.
  • Adaptability: Tier 3 pensions afford members the freedom to determine their investment preferences and the amount they wish to contribute. This is crucial for diasporas, whose financial requirements frequently vary.
  • Attending to the needs of loved ones and family members back home.
  • Outstanding returns on investment
  • Easy access to contribution statements i.e., via PAT Mobile App on android and iOs and Online Member portal

Our concern as a company is to ensure a comfortable life after retirement for our clients and for this reason, all the other state-of-the-art products of the company are designed with this in mind including the Diaspora Pension Scheme.

The benefits are enormous. It is adaptable, portable, and tax efficient. They can thus assist diasporas in saving for retirement and attaining their financial objectives.


Investing in the future of a child or relative (father, mother, uncle, sibling, or friend) with a low or nonexistent income is a wonderful gift. Not only can children begin their adult lives or retirement with savings, but early involvement in savings and wealth accumulation can also help them learn valuable financial principles.

The financial security of your child or a less fortunate relative in old age may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the various savings options. People save for a variety of objectives, including education, marriage, and financial security, but each objective may have a distinct time horizon. Early pension savings for a child or relative is the finest gift you can give them among all investment options. It functions as a foundation for a child to build upon when they are old enough to enter the workforce. It will increase the elder relative’s financial security in old age.

PENADOPT/PENSION ADOPTION is the optimal investment to assure the long-term financial security of your family. Enroll your loved ones in Pensions Alliance’s Wealth Builder Program immediately to help them manage life’s many risks and uncertainties.

PENADOPT/PENSION ADOPTION is a product under the Pensions Alliance Enidaso Wealth builder Program that allows individuals to increase the financial security of their loved ones by enrolling them in either an Early Bird Contributor or Save My Loved One Contributor Fund.

  • An early start advantage for your child 
  • Decreased reliance on you by relatives 
  • Retirement security for relatives (wife, siblings, uncle, aunt, parents).
    • Above average investment return
    • Beneficiary receives a lump sum payment
    • Beneficiary is advised to purchase an annuity and has access to post-retirement assisted living communities upon request (e.g., lodging for the elderly and medical expenses) 
    • Beneficiary enjoys PENSURE

    Reduce the financial burden caused by dependent relatives, plan for the future of your family members. 



The PAT wealth builder is a product developed by Pensions Alliance Trust and its partners as an enhanced personal pension plan. It provides you the flexibility to save toward your personal pension, financial objective or a particular goal (be it: Building Your Dream House, Education, Wedding, Business Capital, etc). This product is to complement the mandatory Tier 2 and also to ensuring retirement income security. This product was design to aid both the Inform and the Formal sector workers.


  • We achieve this by working with top service providers(custodians and fund managers),undertaking rigorous analysis of the market and employing adequate control measures to ensure funds are in safe hands
  • The wealth builder target returns which is higher than the 365 day treasury bill
  • PAT Wealth builder is regulated the National Pensions Regulatory Authority.
  • A minimum deposit of GHC500 is required as initial deposit
  • Check contribution on PAT mobile on Android or iOS 24/7 or the online portal
  • Receive SMS Alert each time your account is credited
  • Receive quarterly statement via email
  • We offer free investment advisory services to guide you to diversify your investment and maximize your returns to ensure the future is indeed secured
  • Enjoy a free Life insurance (Death & Disability) and Hospitalization cover


Pensure is an enhanced product to benefit members of our Master Trust Schemes. It is an embedded insurance plan aimed at providing financial support to all contributors under our Master Trust Schemes who suffer some form of income loss due to death, disability, and hospitalization during their working years at no cost to them.

This enhanced product will be accessible to all Pensions Alliance Contributors with accumulated fund of GHS 50,000.00.


Member and his/her nominated Life will enjoy the underlisted free life insurance cover;

-GHS5000 as Death benefit

-GHS5000 if partially or totally Disabled

-GHS 100 for each night as Hospitalization insurance; up to 30 Days.

The insurance covers the Contributor and no nominated additional life.